Monday, February 23, 2009


The articles and podcast concerning Wikipedia were very interesting to read and listen to. I use Wikipedia a few times a week. I might search the name of a pro athlete. I may be watching T.V. and cannot figure out what movie a remember a certain actor from. I might want biography information, career stats, or records of great games fro my favorite pro athletes. I knew Wikipedia could be changed by anyone, and I never thought this was a huge deal. I figure that most of what I read on Wikipedia is true and factual. But that was before I read the articles and listened to the podcast. I use Wikipedia for hobby related information, but Wikipedia can give some companies a bad name and a "black eye" so to speak. Now knowing that anyone can sugar coat or remove anything from Wikipedia that they don't like or agree changes my view of Wikipedia's creditability. I know they can find who changed the information, but it is completely legal to change the information. Due to that fact, I don't think Wikipedia will ever be 100% reliable.

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