Thursday, February 5, 2009


This week I listened to the required podcasts. The first podcast I listened to was KidCast Number 58. The podcaster, Dan, brought up the topic of how classes are performing podcasts. He believes that podcasting is not about just saying, "Hey, here is a podcast". He believes podcasting is about collaboration and research, then posting it and making it available to the world, and finally following up with more podcasts. His podacast was boring at first and started off slowly, but it contained useful information.

Next I listened to the Connecting Learning podcast with David Warlick. The was Episode 96, and he was hosting a workshop which included around 9,000 teachers. One teacher from and elementary school said that kids dislike assignments they do with pencil and paper, buy enjoy the exact same assignment if they can do it on a computer. Another teacher suggested that kids love personalizing their blogs and may work harder on their assignments because they know more people will see their work.

Then I listened to MacBreak Weekly Episode 125. This podcast was fun and upbeat. I loved the fact that the podcast used a cast of different people. It was almost like listening to a morning radio show.

Lastly, I listened to This Week in Photography Number 66. They too were fun, energetic, and really seemed to enjoy working together. They seemed very comfortable together and of course very knowledge about the topics they were speaking about. It was interesting to me that they talked about how everyone now owned a camera hurt real photo journalists.

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