Monday, February 23, 2009

Dr. Christie's Site

Dr. Christie had a great site with useful information such as iMovies, Podcast, Instant Messaging, and the list goes on. Being such a successful and accomplished educator for over 40 years, I am confident that here tips will definitely work. I searched the site and found that teachers could use GPS technology to incorporate lessons, which is very cool, but I'm not sure I will ever teach at a school that would allow the full power for such a project. I looked at her tips for podcast, checked out some of her workshops, and listened to her "Last Lecture".

After running through her site, I found a digital media section. From there I found a Movie or "iMovie" section. If you would like to view this link Click Here. Inside I found different projects that students had completed. The first project is the one that really caught my eye. Students in an elementary school had researched the life of Rosa Parks, created a script, and filmed a movie. It is even done in black and white, and has an old newscast type of look. I thought this would be a perfect way to get kids to learn without actually making them feel like they are learning. Any teacher could do this for anything and the subject does not matter. If you would like to watch the video then Click Here.

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