Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Semesters Students Podcasts

The first podcast I chose to listen from last years class was podcast number 21. The students that made this podcast were Ashley Cleveland, Erica Sledge, and Shyane Fant. The subject of their podcast was "Useful Web Sites for Elementary Teachers". I thought the podcast was very well done. The girls spoke very well. Although they seemed tense at first they seemed to calm down and be comfortable with each other. From this podcast I can learn that it is a must to research your topic, because it is clear that they were well prepared. I will also take away that they spoke well, loudly enough, and clearly. I hope my podcast is as well done. If you are interested in listening to this podcast LISTEN HERE

The second podcast I listened to was on the topic of "Technology Used in Classrooms in the College of Education". The students performing this podcast were Tina Dillen and Sara Large. This was podcast number 8. Their podcast was done very well also. Maybe I could make my podcast more of an attention grabber. Hopefully it my podcast will be more interesting. Their topics were scattered from advantages to disadvantage back to advantages which made it very confusing. Mainly, I wanted my podcast to be clear, well spoken, organized, and entertaining. If you are interested and listening to their podcast LISTEN HERE

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