Monday, February 9, 2009

The Fischbowl Best of 2007: April, 180 Days?

Karl Fisch's April's Blog Entry for Best of 2007 was a very interesting topic named 180 Days?. The topic came from Barry Bachenheimer, who asked the question is 180 days of school enough time, and how many of those 180 days are devoted to instructing students. I then went to the link which The Fischbowl provided and watched Barry's YouTube video 180 Days?. The video considered 180 days of school and then it featured factors that affected teacher's from instructing students. These factor included: testing, test review days, fire drills, pep rallies, picture day, guidance counselor talks, school wide assemblies, and so on. It is very interesting when you look at the big picture.

I'm glad I chose to blog about this topic, because I have first hand experience. High school for me was great. It was friends, sports, telling jokes, and having as much fun as possible. Before I say anything else, I received an outstanding, quality education. I say that to say, 180 days are wasted. Most of the time in school and in the classroom is wasted on programs, movies, reviews, State testing. Even with all the class interruptions and not having teacher instruction everyday, I feel like all of my classmates and I received a great education. My opinion is that there is too big of a deal being made about 180 Days?. It is a great thought, but school is about making mistakes and learning from them, just as much as it is about learning from a teacher and a book. It's school so let's just lighten up and have fun with it.

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