Sunday, January 18, 2009

American Schools That Use Blogs In The Classroom

The first school I found that used blogs in the classroom was William E. Norris Elementary, which is located in Southampton, Massachusetts. Mr. Kevin Hodgson is over the sixth grade at the school and incorporates the use of blogs in their daily classroom routine. Mr. Hodgson posts reading, writing, math, English, and homework assignments directly to the blog to allow his students to know what it due and when. He also posts test dates, links that may help the students understand the material better, and interactive games that make learning more appealing. Recently, he has added videos of puppet shows that his students performed for younger classes. His purpose is to " allow students to share their work" and to "allow students to view assignments". If you would like to view Mr. Hodgson's classroom blog CLICK HERE

The second school I found that had a classroom that used blogs was Julien G. Hathaway Elementary School in Oxnard, California. The person that is in control of the blog is a first grade teacher named Sarah Puglisi. She has named her classes' blog "How Beautiful You Are" because of her love for children. Her blog is used to display pictures of events that have happened in her class, and it is used to display the work of her students. She has pictures of them performing an earthquake drill. She also has pictures of their pet hermit crabs. Most recently, her posts have discussed how she has taught the children about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. If you would like to view Mrs. Puglisi's class blog then CLICK HERE

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