Sunday, January 11, 2009

ALEX-Alabama Learning Exchange

Today I researched information about ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange). ALEX is a website that acts as a community for teachers. Teachers can log in to ALEX and post and create lesson plans which other teachers can use in their classrooms. ALEX contains lesson plans from traditional classes, such as, Math, English, and Science. Yet it also includes the lesson plans for modern classes that range from Driver and Traffic Safety to Career/Technical Education. Alex also covers all grades, K-12. Each lesson plan includes the State of Alabama Quality of Teaching Standard the lesson satisfies. Most of the lesson plans even include the time the lesson will take. Another great feature is that you can use a search engine within the site to help you find exactly what you are looking for. It also is very helpful by including valuable educational web links.

As a new teacher, this website would be extremely helpful. I never knew such a site existed, and i was even more impressed by all of the help it contained. Having a website that contains lessons plans for a variety of subjects would make my job a lot easier. The greatest relief is knowing that it is all state approved. Also, my favorite part is that it contains other educational web links. I think ALEX is a great tool for any teacher.

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