Sunday, January 11, 2009

ACCESS Program

ACCESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators, and Students Statewide. Governor Bob Riley and State Superintendent of Education Dr. Joesph B. Morton initiated ACCESS in 2006. The mission and goal are very simple and similar. It was designed to provide all students will and equal opportunity education and to make sure that everyone received the best quality education possible. ACCESS offers advanced diploma course, dual enrollment courses, remediation courses, advanced placement courses, and additional courses that that students school may not offer themselves. ACCESS incorporates and utilizes distance learning. Distance learning means that teachers and students can be in two different places and can communicate through the Internet.

In my opinion, ACCESS sounds like a great idea. As technology had advanced so has education and ACCESS uses technology to provide students and teachers more ways to communicate and learn. I think that all schools with this system can benefit, but I especially believe that lower income schools and inner city schools will benefit the most. In the case of these schools, ACCESS can offer the same education that is received at all schools. ACCESS should offer students a stepping stone for the future, preparing them better for college, and offering the chance of completing dual enrollment for early college credits. ACCESS will make a great stride for the future of education.

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