Sunday, January 11, 2009

Did You Know?

The movie showed me tons of things that I either did not know or did not realize. The one point that really cleared it up for me was that it took "radio" 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 million while it only took the "computer/Internet" 4 years to reach that number. The number of college graduates also shocked me. I had assumed that, prior to the video, the U.S. produced more college graduates than any other country in the world. I was wrong. I am almost 21 years old, and I have grown up with every great technological advancement known to man.

Before the video, I knew that technology played a big part in my life, but I guess I never thought of it being that big in the lives of everyone else. I do play video games and watch TV . I have a MySpace account and visit YouTube often. Heck, I've even bought and sold items on eBay. And I text message most of my friends everyday. The Internet is a great tool. It has answered questions, helped find people, helped people find spouses, helped book flights and hotel rooms, helped book tickets to concerts and sporting events, and it has helped me throughout school with various papers and projects. And now I wonder how life would be without it all? That, I cannot imagine.

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