Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogging is the Classroom

After the time I've spent writing, reading, and researching blogs, and after reading another student's blog, I have come to the conclusion that blogging in the classroom is a great idea. Blogging allows for self expression while still learning at the same time. If you have your students watch a movie and then write a blog about that movie, every student will have a different opinion and view point of the movie and no two will be the same. Blogs are not like test questions, where the answer is either wrong or right. Blogging in classrooms is about researching a topic, gathering data and information, and finally expressing that information into your own personalized blog. This allows the student to still learn but to expresses the material in their own way.

Before this class, I never thought of the impact technology will have on future education. The Internet is not a fad. IT IS HERE TO STAY. So we as educators either have the chance to hop on board and continue to find ways to use the Internet to our classroom advantage, or we can become completely lost and 1) have or students hindered because we can't share technology with them, or 2) have our students know more about technology then we do, not saying that some of them won't. To solve this start classroom blogging. Allow them to answer discussion questions, post some of there work, let them (safely) communicate with students and classrooms around the world. The possibilities are endless.

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