Wednesday, March 4, 2009

iTunes University

A great technology tool to help teachers is iTunes University. Several major college and institutions used the iPod in their classrooms. iTunes University allows college professors to upload their video lessons and audio podcast lectures to iTunes University. From there other professors, students of that particular, or anyone with a free subscription to iTunes can go into iTunes University and subscribe to the lesson or podcast. This is a helpful tool for any teacher because iTunes University covers more than just college lectures. iTunes University includes educational media from famous museums and PBS stations. Not to mention it contains over 100,000 audio and video file to explore and continues to expand everyday day.

As a teacher, you may be asking why this is so great. The iPod has become an everyday part of life for millions of people and can be a great tool in teaching. In a university setting, as a student, you could miss a week of class and pull all of the lectures you missed from iTunes University, provided that your University participates in the service. For instance, you could be a teacher at a school that can't afford to send classes on field trips, or you could be to far away from the place you want to visit. With iTunes University, you could go to the Brooklyn Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum all without leaving the classroom. Those are just a few of the many ideas and uses that iTunes University presents. If you would like to see more about the use of iTunes University then Click Here.

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