Sunday, March 29, 2009

iTunes U WGHB Grades 9-12

From WGHB Grades9-12 Podcast's I selected to view the podcast "Characteristics of the Sun". The podcast was a great film that had 3-D visuals accompanied by a well spoken narrator. Through each step of explaining about the sun, the podcast provide definition to certain scientific terms and also provide interesting facts and figures about the Sun, such as how hot the sun gets and how far away from Earth it is. All in all, the video was very informative and entertaining. It provided just enough great facts to where the student may want to try to find out more about the sun on there on. I think podcasts are great teaching tools because I feel that most students are visual learners. It is one thing to verbally tell a student about something but it is completely different if you not only tell them but show them. In a world that is evolving more rapidly with cell phones, laptops, video games, and ipods, it will take more than "yesterday's" teaching methods to reach future students.

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